October 13, 2022 (Day 1)

Time Activity
7:30am Breakfast and Registration
8:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Shirley Dyke (Purdue)
Stephen Robinson (UC Davis)
JoAnn Browning, Dean and Distinguished Chair of Engineering (UTSA)
Julia Badger (NASA JSC)
8:50am Discussion of Agenda and Objectives of the Workshop
Dawn Whitaker (Purdue)
Mario Bergés (CMU)
9:00am Plenary Speaker: Scott Tashakkor (NASA MSFC)
9:30am Plenary Speaker: Alonso Vera (NASA ARC)
10:00am Session 1: Deep-Space Habitat Scenario Development - Collaboration and Complementation
Shirley Dyke (Purdue)
Stephen Robinson (UC Davis)
11:00am Session 1: Breakout
ECLSS (Davide Ziviani [Purdue], Jim Nabity [CU Boulder])
Power (Ali Bazzi [Uconn], Mario Bergés [CMU])
Dormancy Transitions (Dawn Whitaker [Purdue], Allie Anderson [CU Boulder])
Cyber-Physical Testbed (Chirstian Silva [Purdue], Shirley Dyke [Purdue])
12:00pm Report Results of Breakout Session 1
12:30pm Lunch and Jobs/Career Panel
Stephen Robinson (UC Davis)
Bill O’Hara (Blue Origin)
Garrett Reisman (USC)
1:30pm Session 2: Roadmap for Introducing Human-Autonomy Teaming and Robotics in Intermittently Crewed Space Habitats
Paul Parsons (Purdue)Moderator
Trey Smith (NASA ARC)
Julia Badger (NASA JSC)
Alonso Vera (NASA ARC)
Allison Anderson (UC Boulder)
Jeremy Frank (NASA ARC)
Justin Werfel (Harvard)
2:30pm Session 2: Breakout
Coordinating with Mission Control Beyond LEO (Paul Parsons [Purdue], Mario Bergés [CMU])
Human-robot Decision Making and Situational Awareness (Sanjay Joshi [UC Davis], Song Han [UConn])
Responding to Unanticipated Faults (Dan Bruder [Harvard], Alonso Vera [NASA ARC])
Autonomy and Explainability (Zhaodan Kong [UC Davis], Arutro Montoya [UTSA])
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Report Results of Breakout Session 2
3:50pm Session 3: Design for Resilience in Space-based Systems
Dawn Whitaker (Purdue)Moderator
Karen Marais (Purdue)
Jim Nabity (UC Boulder)
Dan Barta (NASA JSC)
Dave Klaus (UC Boulder)
Stephen Smith (CMU)
4:50pm Closing Comments for Day 1
5:00pm Networking Break
6:00pm Reception with Poster Session

October 14, 2022 (Day 2)

Time Activity
7:30am Breakfast and Summary of Day 1 / Plan for Day 2
Dawn Whitaker (Purdue)
Mario Bergés (CMU)
8:00am Session 3: Breakout
Materials + Design Concepts for Resilient Habitats (Arturo Montoya [UTSA], Garrett Reisman [USC])
Priorities for Resilience in Automation (Justin Werfel [Harvard], Nagi Gebareel [GeorgiaTech])
What does it mean to be resilient in the context of extraterrestrial habitats? (Julio Ramirez [Purdue], Allie Anderson [CU Boulder])
Incoporating Resilience in Academia, Industry, NASA and Other Agencies (Sanjay Joshi [UC Davis], Dawn whitaker [Purdue])
8:45am Break
9:00am Report Results of Breakout Session 3
9:20am Session 4: Use Cases for Modular Coupled Virtual Testbed and Digital Twins in SmartHabs
Davide Ziviani (Purdue)Moderator
Ali Bazzi (University of Connecticut)
Brian Joyal (Veridium Inc.)
Mario Bergés (CMU)
Fernando Figueroa (NASA SSC)
Shirley Dyke (Purdue)
10:20am Session 4: Breakout
Addressing Modeling Limitations (Jiong Tang [UConn], Zhaodang Kong [UC Davis])
Testing Resiliency with Digital Twins (Nagi Gebraeel [GeorgiaTech], Karen Marais [Purdue])
Simulating Unanticipated Scenarios (Song Han [UConn], Tammer Barkouki [UC Davis])
Cascading Events (Ali Bazzi [UConn])
11:05am Break
11:20am Report of Breakout Session 4
11:40am Summary and Path Forward
12:00pm Closing Address and Lunch
Jon Olansen (NASA JSC)
1:00pm Dismissal